silence generates peace
within oneself and in the world
peace begins within each heart

silence connects you
to the world
to other people

silence creates space
for new possibilities

silence for peace

Editie 2023:
meer info volgt!

who & what?

silenceforpeace is a peace initiative in the midst of

increasing tension and stress in the world.


silenceforpeace wants to give silence a role in the public debate.

The language of silence transcends all societies, cultures and religions.


silenceforpeace invites you to sit together in silence.

every minute in silence connects you to the world, to other people.
Everybody who wants to help achieve world peace is invited to sit together in silence.

All those who wish to make such a contribution are invited to come together and sit in silence.


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something for you?

Do you want to experience the power of silence for yourself? Would you or your organisation like to join the sit-in? Or are you just curious? Come and sit with us in silence for as long as you wish.

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