silence is
the missing voice
in conflict
and debate

starts within
a silent heart
and radiates out

come and sit with us
in silence
for peace
every minute
sends a message

22nd and 23rd September 2017

Thank you !

who & what?

silenceforpeace is a new peace initiative in response to the conflict and tumult in the world that arises between different races, religions and communities. Peace begins in the heart of each person and radiates out.


Silence is the missing voice in public debate. Politics can only offer external solutions. Slowing down and embracing silence enables ‘inner’ solutions to emerge. Both are needed.

Silence is a language that bridges all communities, cultures and religions.


Every minute we spend in intentional silence is a contribution to world peace and the evolution of human consciousness.

All those who wish to make such a contribution are invited to come together and sit in silence.


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and you?

Are you in need of silence? Amidst all the noise, the slogans, the opinions.

Would you like a taste of silence? Break your daily routine? Make a different kind of contribution to peace? Or are you just curious?

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