silenceforpeace is a collaboration between various organisations and is aimed at helping us find peace in ourselves and in the world through the medium of silence.

silenceforpeace can count on the commitment of countless individuals and the voluntary involvement of the project team and the ambassadors.

silenceforpeace is coordinated by the Waerbeke social-cultural movement.


Silence is open to everybody.

Silence means simplicity: no names, no publicity, no fanfare

Silence is the message itself.







silenceforpeace is a peace initiative in the midst of increasing stress, tension and terror in the world.

silenceforpeace has already organised sit-ins in Brussels (Muntplein, 2016), Leuven (Ladeuzeplein, 2016) and Antwerp (Handschoenmarkt, 2017).

silenceforpeace believes in inner peace as a condition for a good quality of life.

silenceforpeace wants to give silence a role in the public debate. The language of silence transcends all societies, cultures and religions.

silenceforpeace invites you to sit together in silence. Every minute of silence connects you to yourself, to other people, to the world.

As a spring flows out into the world.


Huge gratitude to all the ambassadors of silence who have made this project possible.

and you?

Are you in need of silence? Amidst all the noise, the slogans, the opinions.

Would you like a taste of silence? Break your daily routine? Make a different kind of contribution to peace? Or are you just curious?

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